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Ticket Bus Camiseta - Shirt
Do you want to come to La Tomatina 2016 from Barcelona? We've got all prepared! This package includes all that you need to enjoy the tomato festival in a big way.

The Package F includes:

- The Bracelet-ticket direct access to la Tomatina. No queues!
- Shuttle bus Barcelona-Buñol (Return/Outward), at a set time*.
- Tour Guide who will explain you the best of the party.
- Tomatina 2016 commemorative T-shirt.
- After la Tomatina, the Tour Guide will accompany you to municipal showers.
- Access to the Spain Tastic! Fun Zone with musical entertainment.
- Customer Service at Spain Tastic! Fun Zone.
- Travel insurance.


At the Spain Tastic! information point you could enjoy with the best Fun Zone with meals, drinks, music and many more surprises to you could live the Tomatina's day to the fullest.

And for more comfort, you could leave everything you don't want to bring to the battle in our lockers. The locker's price is not included in this package, so you could buy it at the Spain Tastic! information point once you reach to Buñol.

Besides, you won't have to exchange your PRINT AT HOME, we will do it for you. During the bus ride we will give you the bracelet-ticket direct access, which is the only valid acreditation to can access to la Tomatina 2016.

In our Fun Zone , specially for our clients (, we will have lockers for you, to keep your belongings safe.

Live la Tomatina in a big way! You cannot miss it!

IMPORTANT: We recommend bringing the most essential objects. We DON’T recommend leaving personal objects on the buses for if there were changes of organizational needs. If you decide to leave your stuff on the bus, it will be UNDER TOTAL OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY, as the organizer company will NOT be responsible for the theft or loss of any objects on the buses. Also, it NOT will be responsible in case of losing the bus back and remain a customer’s object on buses.

Departure point: SANTS STATION. Passeig de Sant Antoni. 08014 BARCELONA.

You could see bus schedules in the purchase process.

*Transport schedules, the departure point, bus arrivals and departures and the program are subject to possible changes for organizational requirements or government authorization.
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The ease of finding the established points of departure and arrival of buses
You degree of satisfaction with the service bus
The advice and information provided by the tour guide
Our lockers service at Buñol
The ease to buy tickets through our website
In general, services, advice and information provided by Spain Tastic! Tours
In which extent you would return to buy in Spain Tastic! Tours
Nothing.. Bad journey.. No proper information given, boarding the bus was bad. The bus was also not comfortable. I will never book with you guys again.
The way you brand your tours, the bus quality.
1) The departure point was in the real far and not tourist-friendly part of Barcelona, to where I had to walk around 1 hour. Plus the departure point was on the opposite side from the bus depot and there were no guides or signs pointing to where I should go. My friends got a cheaper deal with clear and easy navigation to where hop on the bus at the Placa de Catalunya. 2) We departed with delay and had to orient towards announcements of the guides (which were not loud), to which group of people we should join. While you could just ask people to hop to the right bus and check the lists. 3) The list of people who bought tickets were lost, so we had to write our names on piece of paper, so we could register once again. It delayed our descent from the bus. Plus it stated it was mandatory to take a valid ID with you, but no one ever checked mine.
United States
Not having to drive and park
I was very unhappy about changes after I purchased the tour - no paella and sangria, no cloakroom and no showers. A 10 euro refund was not adequate compensation for losing those things. The bus should have had a bathroom for a 4.5 hour ride. The tour guide told us how things would go, then disappeared. We had to wait in a long line for the lockers which were actually milk crates. We had no time to get food before we had to walk down to the entry gates by ourselves because the tour guide was gone. After the festival, we found our guide who said he would lead us to showers. After walking for quite a while he said he just meant we should find a hose anywhere we can. We had to wait an hour for a hose, then run back to the lockers, change behind a towel in public and then run back to the bus still with no time to eat. We weren't able to get anything to eat until we stopped at a service area 2 hours later. We had no meals betwen 3:00am and 4:00pm. I have wanted to go to La Tomatina for more than 20 years and the inefficient manner in which the tour was run by spaintastic resulted in quite an unpleasant experience.
Great Britain
The service is very much needed as I would not have been able to get to Bunol if it isn't of tour services such as Spain Tastic.
Our tour guide gave us no information beforehand apart from that we needed to be back for 2pm. It would have helped getting information on where the 'official' shower areas are which meant that we wasted time walking to the official locker area and back past where the tomatina festival had just taken place in order to clean ourselves. This meant that we were over 15 minutes late for our 2 o'clock departure to Bunol. We are grateful that the coach waited for us and other people that were late but this could have easily been avoided if we were told of the 'shower' location earlier in the morning. Other tours companies/tour guides seemed to have meeting points straight after the festival were done so maybe that could also be implemented more thoroughly for next year? We would also would have liked to been informed prior to the festival that there was not going to be any proper showers facilities as such. What was listed as showers in the map turned out to be just a stream with no real privacy or separate areas for males and females. I think this seemed to me the only disappointment of the whole festival. Having prior knowledge before the festival is what I at least would expect even if adding temporary showers is not possible. These are the only problems I found in what was otherwise one of the best experiences in my time in Spain.
The bus service was best.
The guide was not at helping with us for lockers or the place to take bath or in anyway. We felt like the tour was just booked for transport later on every thing we are taking care by our own.
United States
Bus a/c was not working/no air. The bus driver was incapable of driving in a straight line. I would question if he had driven a bus before.
La celebración. Buenos autobuses
El guía no era claro en su información de puntos de reunión, no nos explicó bien lo de las duchas tampoco. Un chico coreano perdió su móvil y cuando le preguntó al guía qué podía hacer, el guía solo le contestó: "No sé!"
Netherland Antilles
Good Guide
No provision for food at the end of festival
Sanjib Kumar
The guard and service

Terms and Conditions:

As the Excellency Town Hall of Buñol establishes it, accesses to la Tomatina 2016 are considered a rate to be able to enjoy the party, consequently, IT WON'T BE POSSIBLE IN ANY CASE THE REFUND OR CANCELLATION OF THIS RATE ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THE PURCHASE.
The fee of cancellation, change or modification of the rest of services is of 15€. If the cancellation is done after the 10th of August it will have a charge of the 100% of the package price.
The payment conditions are subject to the text in compliance with the Decree 20/1997 of 11th February, the Government of Valencia states as well as in compliance with the legislation on the package tours relating to the articles 160 and SS of the Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16th November by which the text revised of The General Law for the Protection of the Consumers and Users and other additional legislation are approved. For further information about the Contracting Terms and Conditions, you could contact us at

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