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Tomatina in Virtual Reality!


Bytes and Bylines Party '
, a festival
dedicated to international correspondents , where  Spanish authorities used to promote the
campaign " I need Spain ' ;
This campaign is based on virtual reality videos 360 footage and it has  participated Turespaña and the company that
developed this technology ,
Navteca . 

One of the immersive audiovisual that attracted most attention was
dedicated to the
Tomatina , and thanks to the technology of 360, it  was able to transport users just in the middle
of the  tomato battle .

The access to this type of experience is increasingly rapidly, so fast
that, anyone with this binoculars and access to a smartphones is going to be
able to access videos 360º and live experiences without being literally there.

If you still don’t have your binoculars, and you prefer to come to La Tomatina 2016, buy your tickets in
, the Offical Tour of
Tomatina 2016.



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