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Fallas and solidarity


The Fallas' World,  and in special, the Fallas commissions, organize solidarity acts from years and this is not a newness. There are a lot of acts to can get some benefits with the fundraiser, but to create a Falla with caring spirit that will be used as a message, to make visible the illness or make known a Charitable association are some ideas that have borned from 2015.

It was start as an own experience, the experience of two Fallas' artist, Rafael Martínez and his son Raúl Martínez "Chuky", who lived the Alzheimer in their family. This experience become in a solidary proyect in the Ferroviaria Falla last year, and it took part of the history as an artistic landmark of Fallas 2015.


This 2016, two monuments will become a good example of this. The Bailen-Xativa Falla, known as Ferroviaria, will show the Parkinson's disease, and the Castellon-Segorbe, next to the Bullring's infirmary, will show the work that PayaSOSpital NGO does.

In both cases there are solidary works in which the participation of represented associations and commissions apply fundamental charachters to their message could reach the society. Looking for more visibility to the Falla and the message that want to transmit, appear some initiatives such as the creation of two hashtags: #FallaSos and #Coactus.

Spain Tastic! Tours wants to express our major recognison to all members of these commissions and to the Fallas' artists, who make possible that the party and the social awerness go toghether.  


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