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Burning Man Festival wants to know Fallas


The Burning Man is a yearly festival that celebrates since 90' decade in Black Rock City, Nevada, United States, a temporary city that is built in the middle of the desert for this celebration. It is prepared to gather thousands of people, creatives and curious, where a lot of performances are held. The festival ends with the burning of a sculture that represents a person.

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In the last edition of the Nevada's Festival, two Valencian artist, David Moreno and Miguel Arraiz, wanted to know in first person this experience that produces every edition thousands of dollars and that is able to gather 60.000 attendees that came from 68 different countries. Both artists travelled to Nevada and showed a lot of promotional material to make known Las Fallas of Valencia.  

This bond between Black Rock City and Valencia, will carry on, so members of the Nevada's Festival were surprised with the similitary between both celebrations, Fallas and Burning Man Festival. Thay have decided that will travel to Valencia with a cometee to know better Las Fallas of Valencia.

Spain Tastic! is sure that they will be surprised with our way of understunding and enjoying the celebration, and remembers you that if you want to know what Fallas are by yourself, you could do it with our Fallas Tour.

Las Fallas of Valencia are already here!


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