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Defending #PaellaEmoji


The next 25th of January will take place a Twitter Party for support the candidacy of the #PaellaEmoji and ask for that the original design proposed by the presenter and Valencian comedian Eugeni Alemany, won't be modified. Arroz La Fallera has created this initiative, and it will be held this day because Unicode, who is the responsible of theese drawings, decides which emojis will be accepted.    

Alemany, with the rice brand, travelled to Japan to show to Shigetaka Kurita, the creator of popular drawings of WhatsApp platform, his own design of Paella, which only includes original ingredients, and it could be a part of a new group of emojis that WhatsApp would include.

During this visit, Kurita showed himself receptive to the #PaellaEmoji's design because of its easy identification and for meeting the necessary requirements to could become an emoticon, as they are that "every people could recognise it and it has to be a simplified drawing of the element to represent".

paellaemoji - noticia spain tastic.jpg

However, a problem came up: despite of Kurita has given his  approval, the Emojipedia platform, which is the reference page about emoticons, has published a different version of Paella Emoji with peas, red pepper, prawns and chicken, becoming a "PaellaMixtaEmoji", an emoji of rice with stuff. This design modifies the original #PaellaEmoji, in which only appear rabbit, vegetables and beans

Spain Tastic! Tours defends the inclusion of the original #PaellaEmoji, to make sure that will be easy for you to tell your friends that you're enjoying our Paella Experience.


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