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An emoticon, word of the year


Every year the Oxford Dictionary chooses a Word of the Year that defines the situation or feelings experienced by the population throughout the year. In 2014 they chose vape and in 2013 selfie, this year and for the first time, the institution has adapted to changing times and has chosen a pictogram instead of a word: an emoji.

The official name of this picture is "Face with tears of joy" emoji.
emoticono noticia spain tastic.jpg

They chose this emoticon because "it is the one that best reflects the character, mood and concerns of 2015", it was also the most widely used worldwide according to the company SwifKey that studied the "frequency and usage statistics of emojis more popular in the world".

We assure that this one is also the most used in Spain Tastic! because is that defines our way of working and the sensations that we want to obtain all those who  trust us yo enjoy a spaintastic experiences!


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