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Bulls in Algemesi, a tradition of five centuries


Spain Tastic! has as one of our principles the absolute respect for the essence of each party. That's why the spaintastic experiences have the unique personallity that makes you feel a participant in the event and not just as a spectator.

This concept fits fully with Algemesi bullfighting, a bullfighting tradition that dates back to 1643, five centuries of history that remains in its current form, with only little variation from 1943.


Therefore we invite you to meet Algemesi and Bull Week or Taurine Week , the oldest and most important Bullfighting Fair in the world, which is held in a singular bullring built by the people in Plaza Mayor, recalling those first bullrings that were built with carts and tables.

And if you already know, you enjoy one of its bulls at evenings, because in Algemesi has a different way to understand their party,becoming in something very special.


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