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La Tomatina 2016, all a success


La Tomatina 2016 has already finished!

The Tomato Festival has been a success this year, and all thanks to you! We thank you for choosing Spain Tastic! Tours once again to accompany you on this special day and to live the tomato experience much more complete and fun.

We closed la Tomatina 2016 with more than 96 nationalities who have come to Buñol to take in part in the tomato battle most famous in the world.

Spain Tastic! Tours closes the end of the event with more than 4.272 tour packages sold, filled with many participants eager to live la Tomatina in first person.

The organizers of Spain Tastic! want to thank all your participation. Without you this wouldn't have been possible!

We hope you enjoyed the most of this unique experience, and we hope that you repeat the next year!

Spain Tastic! Greetings to all the tomato warriors!


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