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Italian Tomatina


The historical carnival in Ivrea is celebrated each year during the first days on march. The legend says that this party exist since 1808, so is even more old that our traditional tomato battle.  

Everthing started when during the Middel Ages one noble wanted to had one night with the miller's daughter. She didn't want to spend the night with that man and he wasn't nice with her. The village, really angry with this noble, started to fight against him and he died hangman. The girl could survive the tyranny of the noble.
Nowadays the oranges symbolizes the stones and the weapons that the people used for fight against that tyranny. Actually, the carnaval is for celebrate the popular rebellion against tyranny, and that celebration ends with the traditional "Oranges battle".

One difference between this battle and our Tomatina is that in Italy the people who represent the village and the people who represent the nobility throw the oranges at the same time.

¿What do you think? ¿Tomatoes or oranges?


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