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Don't miss the BUS for la Tomatina!


Do you want to participate in la Tomatina 2016 but you don't know how to get to Buñol? Spain Tastic! Tours has the solution!

Traffic, queues, parking, controls on the road... forget about all this and enjoy la Tomatina with all comforts and advantages we offer in Spain Tastic! Tours. 

We put at your disposal buses from VALENCIA, BARCELONA or MADRID, so everyone can get to the tomato battle at time, unhurried and very comfortable.

Click here and choose from the TOUR B or C from VALENCIA, TOUR E from MADRID or TOUR F from BARCELONA.

senefa autobuses.jpg

Also, if you've purchased a ticket, but you have thought about changing to a more complete Tour, NOW you can do it without problems! Just send us an email to and we will let you how.

Think no more! Don't miss the opportunity to live the Tomato Festival go all out and more comfortably.

Participate in la Tomatina 2016 with Spain Tastic! Official Tour


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