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La Tomatina 2015 is already underway!


La Tomatina 2015 is already underway! 

Thousands of people have already booked their ticket to participate in the famous tomato fight in Buñol.

People who have lived la Tomatina in previous years, want to repeat! And for those in their first year...are dying by the days comes!

To make this an unforgettable experience, inform well yourself, prepare it all ahead of time and, of course, choose to live it with Spain Tastic! Official Tour of la Tomatina 2015.

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Click here and check out the great packages that Spain Tastic! offers and choose the one that suits your needs. 

This year, don't wait to others tell you about it! Come to la Tomatina and live it for yourself.

Prepare tomatoes, pointing, and the battle begins!


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