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La Tomatina is comming!


La Tomatina is a unique experience in which thousands of people come to Buñol to take part in the tomatoes battle.

Fun and tomato spirit reign for a day in Buñol, making the tradicional Tomatina an international tourist interest party

From the official website of la Tomatina 2015 ( suggest some tips to follow to make this experience memorable:

  tomate.jpg Use old clothes that you don't mind dirty.

  tomate.jpg Take shoes tied to the foot; if you wear flip flops, you may lose them in the battle.

 tomate.jpg Goggles can be useful. Acid tomato itchy in eyes.

  tomate.jpg If you're going to bring camera, use waterproof camera or use a cover to protect it.

  tomate.jpg At 7:00 access to the urban area by car will be closed and only be accesible by foot. Come with enought time!

  tomate.jpg Don't miss the traditional palo-jabón: a soap-covered pole with a spanish prosciutto on the top. The participant who gets it, wins it. 

Don't be caught by tomato! Come to la Tomatina well prepared and enjoy to the max this experience with Spain Tastic! Official Tour


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