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120 days to La Tomatina 2015


La Tomatina is the most famous tomatoes battle in the world. Every year recives thousands of participants from everywhere who come to Buñol to live this unique experience,

This year, live in first person the celebration of la Tomatina 2015 and have fun throwing tomatoes.


To enjoy la Tomatina the safest way without altercations, just follow these simple guidelines:

- La Tomatina begins at 11:00 and ends at 12:00. You will hear a bang to indicate the start of the battle, and another bang indicates the end.

- You can't introduce bottles or hard objects into the tomates battle enclosure. We must respect the safety of other participants in laTomatina.

- You can't throw or tear T-shirts. Only tomatoes.

- Squash tomatoes before throwing them, the hit will be less painful.

- You must keep a safe distance from lorries.

- When the second bang sounds, must stop throwing tomatoes. The battle will be finished.

- You must always follow indications of the security staff.

For more information about la Tomatina 2015 get into

Have a spaintastic experience!


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