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Tomatina Festival


Spaintastic Tours has signed an exclusivity agreement with the Excellency Town Hall of Buñol to negotiate and trade the tickets which go on sale for the Tomatina Festival 2013. The Town Hall has informed us that an official and international presentation of Tomatina Festival 2013 will take place very soon to give further details of the new changes of the Tomatina Festival 2013. After the official presentation, we will be able to give more information to those tour operators and professional agencies that have interest in participating in Tomatina Festival 2013.

 The history of the Tomatina Festival

Once upon a time in the town of Buñol, the festival committee organised a parade of gigants and cabezudos (carnival figure with oversized head) in August 1944. No one could imagine that this parade would end up by word of mouth in the twenty first century. A group of local young people showed special interest to participate in this event, but their iniciative were not welcomed. As a reprisal for the refusal of the festival committee, the young people decided to take the products of one of the market stands and started to throw them in all directions. This is the moment in which the first war of pelted tomatoes. The following year, the parade took place again where the participants brought their own tomatoes. In 1959, the Tomatina Festival became an official festivity of Buñol.




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