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La Tomatina is closer


Do youwant to enjoy La Tomatina with a full Spain Tastic style?

Spatin Tastic! Tours provides you some options for live La Tomatina in your own way; you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. All you have to bring is the desire to throw tomatoes! Because we're going to provide you everything else.

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There's less time to the most special celebration in Buñol!

Look out to our publications about La Tomatina 2015 and find out the first of splendid packages that we offer soon.

Such as the fabolous PACKAGE B with which you can enjoy your ticket to La Tomatina + BUS round trip. 

Or the Spaintastic PACKAGE C which includes the ticket to La Tomatina + bus round trip + guide + lockers to leave your things + event T-shirt and the most funny, the TICKET TO THE WATER PARTY and ACCESS TO OUR SPAIN TASTIC! ZONE!

Are you going to miss this? Of course not!


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