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A Spaintastic experience!


Spaintastic Tours invite you to live indelible, unique and exclusive experiencies where YOU will be the star of your story.

We are trying to change your opinion about tourism.  Are you ready to become a torero? Would you like to create your own wine?

We do identify the essence of our company with a celebrity and this is Pablo Picasso. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest Spanish painters, drawers and sculptors of the twenty century due to his involvement in a large number of artistic movements as well as his influence on the rest of artists, who love the art of expressing with a brush the most historical facts. Picasso expresses the cubism in his Guernica, work ordered to be exhibited in a mural of the Second Spanish Republic within the Paris International Exposition. The Guernica marked a milestone because of the controversy provoked.

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Spaintastic Tours is the Picasso of the new tourism: something fresh, innovative, with Spaintastic touches, which are unique and exclusive. As Picasso said:”The action is the key where the success begins. Act with Spaintastic, you will be always successful.


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