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Report of La Tomatina Festival 2013



-24%  of customers were Japanese people.
-73 buses were moved.

Valencia,  3rd September 2013 – SpainTastic!, the official dealer agency of La Tomatina Festival 2013 ticket-taxes, shows a balance “extremely positive about the experience because this is the  first Tomatina with payment at its history”, said Santiago Raga, SpainTastic Tours Manager.
SpainTastic! has processed 4135 packages to attend La Tomatina Festival 2013, event celebrated last 28th August, at its website. These packages, more than 10 different, included a lot of combinations related with buses timetables, departure from different cities, t-shirts included at some packages for free, hotel staying, meals… and cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Castellón, Gandía, Calpe, Benidorm and, of course, Valencia.
SpainTastic! moved 73 buses, including shuttle buses,  which were punctual in 98’9%. From 4135 packages sold, 24% were Japanese people, 17% Australian, 12% British and 11% Indian.
SpainTastic Meeting Point at Buñol was successful; giant paella was cooked for more than 1000 people. Also, music entertainment, shower service and drinks to enjoy were available. 
At VIP area there were important people from business, cultural and communication world, as dealers from Valencia BullFight Ring, Redondo Iglesias Company and foreign touroperators. Also, María del Mar Fernández one of SpainTastic! figures for La Tomatina Festival 2013 and the most famous Spanish singer at India with her song Señorita.
SpainTastic! is “glad regarding these data, waiting for a successful La Tomatina Festival 2014 for the next year”, said Santiago Raga, SpainTastic Tours Manager. Furthermore, he wants to thank each communication media, politics, companies, volunteers, workers and, of course, Buñol town and every attendant for these good data.


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